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These are all the games I play. The links to their websites are in the Links section of my site. I will also list my information for each game.

World of Warcraft - Blizzard
This MMORPG is one of the best I have ever played, the storyline is great, graphics are great, gameplay is great, music is great. It's one hell of a winner in my book.
Koldarin - Stormscale - Human Mage
Ysuron - Stormscale - Human Warlock
Xurrell - Kirin Tor - Undead Rogue
Xenoa - Kirin Tor - Tauren Shaman
Gunz Online - MAIET Entertainment
A great 3rd person shooter, very addictive with elements from games like Doom, Unreal Tournament, The Matrix, and some RPG thrown in. I have blown countless hours with my dad killing each other on this game ^_^
Maple Story - Wizet
A very unique MMORPG, the only side scrolling 3D  one I have ever seen, while good in some aspects I rank this game along with Runescape and such as a game that you may or may not play for a long period of time.
Ysuron - Archer
Xurrell - Rogue
Bloodheart - Archer
Rakion - Softnyx
Absolutely beautiful game, with graphics that rival World of Warcrafts or FFXI, this FREE online game deals with making a game and having other users join in to do quests, fight ina deathmatch or a few other modes of play, highly addictive.
Kujitsu - Ninja
Grimmlin - Mage
BIood_Raven - Archer
Gunbound - Softnyx
A unique kind of game, nothing really describes this, the closest I could say is Battleship on land, except you can see your enemy and you use angles and power to destroy your opponents, a very nice game and addictive for a few weeks at a time.
(none at the moment)
Tibia - CiPsoft
This is a very addictive 2D overhead MMORPG that remonds me heavily of Ultima Online. The graphics are a nastilagic SNES format and the gameplay is easy to get used to.
Blood Heart - Celestia - Paladin
Xurrell - Astera - Paladin
Ragnarok Online - (Private Server)
This game is great and al but the real version is not worth what you have to pay a month to play it, so I play on a private server which is listed in my Links, it is a very nicer server, nice people.
Bloodvaine - Avalon - Knight
Blood Raven - Avalon - Archer
Phantasia - Avalon - Sorcerer

Those are the Online games I play, if you joint hem, look me up, I'd love to chat with ya ^^


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