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Furre FTW!!! This is m page dedicated to me and a few of my rl friends who enjoy furres, we all play a game called Furcadia in which we can roleplay our "fursonas" and just hang out as furres. I will have links ot their pages as well as mine and some goodies dealing with Furre's

The Evul Three ^_^
Me, Alexis, and Britanny are furres in the world of Furcadia. I have their pages here with pictures of them, their fursonas, and info on them in RL and IC, as well as me. Lets have some fun.
Matthew Sutherland - Keneda
Alexis Hall - Jessi Darkfurre
Click Here
Britanny Dutton - Roxxanne Lockheart
Thats us and we hope you enjoy the info!

Last but not least I have some pics here to better explain being a Furre... not for childrens eyes:


We're Committed!